Welcome to Studio 83, our first official London Store by Franco Boydell

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The day has finally come: our first official store is ready for you to come and explore. After the success of our ‘pop up shop’ (which stayed open for far longer than originally planned) we saw a real appetite for a space which would allow you to experience Knomo in every aspect. We wanted to create a space which truly reflected our brand in every way possible —a place where our Knomads could consider their second home.

Studio 83 is named so because the shop sits in front of our design studio and global HQ, at 83 Great Portland Street, London. From inside the store we invite customer to view the inner workings of the business through the glass partition, and our designers at work downstairs.

Knomo Shop London Store Bag Buy Studio 83

You can find our store just a 5 minute walk from Oxford Circus in an area called Fitzrovia. Previously known for wholesale, trade and a garment district, we have developed the opening of the store  in parallel with a regeneration of the area, which has led to our decision to open on Saturdays.

Fitzrovia is now home to thriving retail stores, media agencies, publishing houses, artisan coffee shops, juice bars, boutique fitness experiences and bike concept spaces. We're thrilled that the area we've called home for so many years is now fast becoming a must-visit shopping destination that will only continue to grow. A fantastic environment for our first brand shop to flourish in.

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See the London Evening Standard feature HERE

The aesthetic of the studio was incredibly important when we set out to create this first retail space. We deliberately opted for soft lighting to give a welcoming feel which really emphasises the quality of the natural materials used in Knomo product, namely full grain leather.

This was further reflected by the stylish blend of natural textures we chose to furnish the shop, combining wood units with glass, leather, metal and concrete. Finally, we added a screen to show our products being used in action; whether that is commuting, cycling, or exploring the city. Here we can highlight their full functionality, both inside and out, which can often be difficult to convey through still images alone.

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Our new shop allows you to not only see and feel the products yourself, but permits us to tell you their full story. It is here where you can ask our experts about your Knomo (bear in mind the full Knomo team work at Studio 83), and also receive guidance on which might be best for you and your lifestyle. What’s more, it gives us a chance to connect and learn from you, to truly create a Knomo community.

But the story doesn’t stop there — we hope to launch our second retail site in the near future. We see Studio 83 as a place which will constantly evolve: from comment review cards, to exclusive customer events, and opportunities to learn more from the full Knomo team. In addition, we would also like to introduce bespoke product personalisation later this year.

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There’s some very exciting times ahead, and we would love for you to come and visit soon!

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