Surface Designer Stories: Nikole de Santis by Franco Boydell

I came to be a product director in kind of a convoluted way. My mother is a jewellery designer and my uncle is a milliner, so I always had that in my background.

I am the product director at Knomo, I oversea the design team as well the production team. I essentially work with everyone in the business in some way.

nikole surface skype

I oversea the product from its very beginning conception right through to delivering it to the market and training sales people and retailers as to how we use our product.

You don’t have the traditional teams or work life that we did in the past. People don’t generally just sit at a desk; we have to be interacting with teams everywhere. We don’t sit in an office, we may be on skype, we might be in a working space, we might be working in factories so we constantly have to be mobile and we constantly have to be flexible.


I think what’s so incredible about Surface Laptop it’s an absolutely brilliant laptop, so easy to use, so straightforward. It’s got an amazing keyboard, a beautiful soft touch to it. For me what’s so essential is being on the move, the mouse is really easy – it doesn’t tangle at the bottom of my bag! It just makes a mobile life much more easy, doing what I need to do and still be completely connected with my team.

I’m interacting with so many different people, if I’m not organised I’m going to lose my mind. I have to have everything with me and that’s what I love about Knomo bags.

We have absolutely beautiful products, we use the best materials, we have gorgeous leather touch points and amazing nylons. But when you open it up it’s that incredible organisation, that means you can be completely mobile.

This is my office, I don’t sit at a desk, my bag is my office I have everything in there. You have to think on your feet and be flexible and having the right tools in place to be able to do that is absolutely essential.

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