6 Essential Tech Accessories (Perfect for Back to School) by Abbie Boorman

If you are like me, a busy mom with a full-time job (working at Knomo always keeps you on your toes!) the thought of the Back to School period is a complete and utter grind. Herding two very busy boys through summer bug camps and long vacation road trips has taken its toll on my sanity, and wallet. Finally, having perfected my flip flop choice and summer tan, the thought of strong arming other moms in the Back to School clearance section is something I am not entirely ready for.

Instead of burying my head in the beach sand this year, I am looking out for products that stand the Bowen Boys test – meaning; it can take a beating and last the whole school year! With some of the coolest gadgets at my fingertips, I get to play with them for a while and tell you how cool (or not so cool) they are!

Knomo Albion Backpack

Top priority for a good school bag: being able to handle years of being thrown around. Luckily the Knomo Albion Backpack fits the brief. It’s high quality grain leather, and it has tons of storage space inside, as well as a 15” shock-resistant laptop section.

What else could you ask for? It’s on sale for $99 in our Back to School collection.

Knomo Battery Power Pack

Running out of battery is a thing of the past! Charge anything that has a USB and connect your iPhone too with this additional Apple lightening cable.

Albion_Backpack_Technology_Back_to_school_leather_laptop_bag Knomo Albion Backpack, 10,000mAh battery and FIIL headphones

FIIL Audio Canviis Headphones

The FIIL Canviis noise-cancelling wireless headphones are awesome. Great for commuting on trains or busses, these headphones block out up to 96% of low frequency noises. Control sound modes and battery from your iPhone app or touch control on the on the headphones to skip songs or change volume.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The latest Microsoft Surface is an ultra-thin, super-fast and versatile laptop and tablet in one. Being lightning-fast and easy to carry, it is perfect for running between classes with or taking away on family travelling trips. It has large storage space, so saving files and uploading professional-grade software is no problem! The best part – students get 10% off!

Chipolo Plus Blueooth tracking Disc

Like most boys, the Bowen’s are forever losing things! Grab a handful (or just one) Chipolo Plus trackers and attach them to your most precious possessions. Loop a Chipolo disc onto your keyring, or put inside one of the pockets in your bag and never lose your belongings again.

Simply pair the disc with the free app on your smartphone, then click to ring your tracker (it’s the loudest on the market, at 100 decibels) or vice-versa, double click the tracker to ring your phone. Now that’s what a win-win sounds like.

Chipolo_bluetooth_tracker_Backpack_Technology_Back_to_school_leather_laptop_bag_girls_student_discount Chipolo tracking disc, image c/o instagram/Chipolotm

Smart watches! Garmin Forerunner 235

Having been an Apple fan most of my adult life it was tough for me to admit the Apple Watch just didn’t quite suit my needs. I recently switched to the Garmin Forerunner 235 and with GPS distance tracking and heart rate monitoring (I run a lot!), smart notifications from all your apps and audio prompts, it is definitely a ‘smart’ device. The battery lasts more than a week and it has a great entry price point for a smart watch.

Albion_Backpack_Technology_Back_to_school_leather_laptop_bag_girls_student_discount Albion Backpack in Black leather, time for back to school